About Us

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About Us

The Brand.

Buddy Chef Grill - The brand name conceived out of friendship by David Neo and Chen Kok How. They are the new kids on the block that serves restaurant grade western food at reasonable prices.

Fate has It

In 2016, fate brought Chef Neo and Chef Chen together while working for a local western food chain in Singapore. Both became good buddies with their shared aspiration to work for a big international food chain. They both accquired more knowledge through experimentation and incorporating varieties of food techniques by picking up tips from cookbooks and watching cooking shows online. It did not take long as the budding entrepreneurs begin to feel the monotony of their daily duties. The lack of freedom to be more creative with their style. That ultimately led to the birth of BuddiesChef Grill

The FoundersDavid Neo

 His first dream wasnʼt to be a Cook or a Chef. After finishing secondary school David started helping out at his Momʼs fishball noodle stall where he learned many different local cooking styles including mix vegetable rice, Hokkien Mee, Chicken Rice and more. In search of his niche in society, David worked for various bosses before realizing that he still wanted to pursue his hidden passion for cooking. Not local Chinese cuisine but Western Gourmet !

Chen Kok How 

Chef Chen grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The academic life was not for him, so after leaving secondary school, he decided to enrol in a year-long culinary course. That began his path as a chef. His first stint was at his family-owned cafe before leaving for Singapore to pursue something more.